• Artworks by Lara Hanson

    This show is up March 13th through June 5th, 2015.

    Artist's reception at Gallery 2 within the Faith Health and Wellness Center

    Friday May 1

    5- 7 p.m. Solomon’s Porch

    100 W. 46th Street Minneapolis MN 55419 

    This show is a small sampling of the direction my work has taken during the last 18 years of my career as an artist. The theme throughout has always been about human movement. Movement, as the term applies to my work, refers not only to physical movement but includes intellectual movement (the workings of the mind and imagination) and spiritual movement (the stirring of the soul). The main objective of my art practice is to discover the place where dance and drawing meet and to create a new discipline that blurs their distinction.

    The drawings and paintings in this exhibit are examples of the various aspects of my interdisciplinary practice. There are drawings taken from sketchbooks that I took to dance and musical performances, paintings inspired by those drawings, drawings of my body’s movements and drawings made during dance rehearsals, spoken word performances, and my own collaborative performances. In all cases, the drawings are not only recordings of someone else's movement, but also of the movement of my body as it sees, hears, feels and performs.